Așa cum e și Talk Like a Pirate Day, da. O zi în care să vorbești ca un beatnic.

E cam dificil în română, ce-i drept – deși, hei, cu pirații e mai ușor? – dar e bine de știut, pentru că Talk Like a Beat Day nu a fost aleasă aleatoriu: pe 7 octombrie, Allen Ginsberg a recitat pentru prima oară Howl în San Francisco.

Dacă vreți totuși să încercați, mai jos aveți un mic îndrumar (de aici). Iar dacă vreți să aprofundați, mergeți direct la Beatnik Glossary. Ori aruncați un ochi aici. Iar jos de tot aveți niște înregistrări cu Allen Ginsberg recitând America și Howl, și cu Jack Kerouac citind din Pe drum.

For starters, you’re going to want to recognise other beats. These may self-identify as hipsters or cats. Cool is self-explanatory, but to “cool it” is to slow things down a tad. If a thing is “swinging” it’s good; if it’s “swinging like sixteen”, it’s even better. And if it’s “crazy”, then it’s fantastic … so good it’s almost “cool”, in fact. Which is where we came in.

Feeling “hairy”? That’s good too. Feeling “off the wall”? Maybe not so good. It’s OK to be “far out” (pretty weird), but get too “way out” and you’ll be “kookie”, and that might see you visiting the head-shrinker – no explanation required.

It’s pretty easy when you get into the swing of it – cast your orbs over some of these examples (take your shades off first) and practice them on a short trip to Rio (your coffee break). It ain’t tough toenails, and you’ll soon get tuned in.

You probably live in a “pad” (apartment, home) and work in a “cave” (office). You might drive a “rod” (car) to work and probably “stable the iron” (park the car) near the place where you go to earn your “bread” (money). You might take a break for a “kick stick” (cigarette) and go out with your “galaxy” (group of friends) for a “juice” (alcoholic drink). Don’t drink too much juice or you might become a juice-head, though, and the juiceman might not serve you anymore. Then you might “blow your jets” (get angry), end up giving “knuckles to the creep” (engaging in physical violence) and attracting the attention of the fuzz. (de aici)

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