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Clubul de carte „Books, tea & more”, despre „Jumătate de soare galben”

Vorbești despre ceea ce citești? Te invităm la clubul de carte lunar – Books, tea & more –, organizat de Irina Markovits și Veronica Stancu, realizat în parteneriat cu Ceainăria Infinitea. Ediția nr. 18: miercuri, 29 iulie 2015, ora 18:30. Cartea despre care vom discuta este Jumătate de soare galben, de Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, publicată de Editura Rao. Romanul este distins cu premiul Orange Broadband, în 2007. Pentru fluența ideilor, sunt invitate să participe la discuții doar persoanele care au citit cartea. Citeşte tot articolul

Interviu cu Immanuel Mifsud

Interview with Immanuel Mifsud: „I’m always embarrassed to say how I became a writer”

Immanuel Mifsud is a very well-known Maltese writer. Moreover, he is considered to be the leading writer of the Maltese Generation-X. He started to write when he was sixteen, both prose and poetry. Some of his works have been translated and published in a number of European countries and USA. He also worked with experimental theatre groups, directing his own plays and later works by Chekhov, Dario Fo, Max Frisch, Federico Garcia Lorca, Harold Pinter, etc.  Citeşte tot articolul

interviu cu paul bailey

Interview with Paul Bailey: „I’m not a Puritan, but I think that, sometimes, the sex scenes are unnecessary”

I met Paul Bailey, the well-known and awarded English writer, but also a critic, at the International Literature Festival in Timișoara. He wrote sixteen books, two of which are the biographies of Cynthia Payne and Quentin Crisp. Paul Bailey has been quite translated in Romanian. His most recent book, the one that we mainly talked about in this interview, is The Prince's Boy (Polirom publishing house, translated by Marius Chivu), a wonderful novel about the love between two Romanians (and not only) during the 1920's.  Citeşte tot articolul

interviu cu Shani Boianjiu

Interview with Shani Boianjiu: „I wish I had been more afraid because the army was a big shock for me”

Shani Boianjiu became famous worldwide after her debut novel, The People of Forever Are Not Afraid, was released in 2012. Until now, her book was published in twenty-three countries and was selected as one of the ten best fiction titles of 2012 by The Wall Street Journal, as one of the Pakistani Herald's best books of 2012 and as one of the Swedish Sydvenskan's best books of 2013. She was also the first Israeli writer to be long listed for the UK's Women's Prize for Fiction and the youngest recipient of the National Book Foundation's 5 Under 35 award, among other nominations and prizes.  Citeşte tot articolul

Interviu cu Andrew Cowan

Interview with Andrew Cowan: ”Our characters have our DNA”

Andrew Cowan is a British writer, a creative writing teacher and the director of this programme at the University of East Anglia. His debut novel, Pig (1994), was also translated in Romanian, in 2009, by Leda Publishing House. He won many literary prizes and distinctions for Pig: Betty Trask Award, the Sunday Times Young Writer of the Year Award, The Authors" Club First Novel Award, a Scottish Arts Council Book Award and the Ruth Hadden Memorial Award. His most recent book was published last year and it is called Worthless menCiteşte tot articolul

interview with David Vann

Interview with David Vann: ”I think that all of my books analyze or criticize, in a way or another, men”

David Vann is an internationally-bestselling writer, whose books (Legend of a Suicide, Caribou IslandDirtGoat MountainLast Day On Earth: A Portrait of the NIU School Shooter şi A Mile Down: The True Story of a Disastrous Career at Sea) have been translated in twenty languages and have won fifteen prizes, including best foreign novel in France and Spain. He has also written for important magazines, such as EsquireMen’s JournalThe Sunday TimesThe ObserverThe GuardianThe Sunday TelegraphThe Financial TimesElle UKWriter’s Digest etc., and he is currently a Professor at the University of Warwick in England. Citeşte tot articolul

Interview with Mike Ormsby: ”Writing a novel is like being in a band or a sports club: you need a good team”

Mike Ormsby is a British writer and former BBC journalist, World Service trainer and musician. In December 2013 he published his first novel, Child Witch Kinshasa, about so-called child witches in Kinshasa, Congo - as seen mainly by Frank Kean, a journalist who lands in a strange place and tries to discover its "secrets", to understand a completely different world (see synopsis and excerpts here). As I was reading this, absorbed, the second part of his novel was published - Child Witch LondonCiteşte tot articolul

Luzinterruptus, an interview

Luzinterruptus is a group of Spanish urban artists who became known by the Romanian public through the street event organized by the newspaper Ring and Litera Publishing House called The night of the open books. The whole event was based on an idea taken without credit to Luzinterruptus, to whom it belongs.  Citeşte tot articolul