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interviu cu Lars Saabye Christensen si recenzie la cartea Frati pe jumatate

Lars Saabye Christensen: “If you write one extra word in the sex scene it becomes extremely embarrassing for everybody” – interview

Lars Saabye Christensen is one of the most representative contemporary Norwegian writers. Even though he also wrote children's books, scripts, plays, poetry, he is best known as a novelist. He published over twenty novels, out of which Beatles and The Half Brother were sold in over 500 000 copies together and have been translated in many languages. For The Half Brother Christensen won the The Nordic Council's Literature Prize, the most important distinction for works of literature written in one of the languages of the Nordic countries. He is also a member of the Norwegian Academy for Language and Literature. Citeşte tot articolul

“Freedom means to be able to use the full richness of your life”- interview with Hanne Ørstavik

Hanne Ørstavik – who was invited in Bucharest to speak about her book Love (Iubire), on the 19th of March – is one of the most representative contemporary Norwegian writers. She wrote nine novels and she is best known for Love (translated in Romanian at Univers Publishing House), which made it on the sixth position at the literary contest organized by Dagbladetpe magazine in Norway, with the topic The best Norwegian books of the last 25 years. We talked with Hanne Ørstavik about the way her novel took shape, about the various aspects of the notion of “love”, about how she managed to be a single mother and to make a career out of writing and how supportive is Norwegian society of young mothers who want to write. Citeşte tot articolul