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Sărutul – Photobook Launch

11.04.2017 @ 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Apollo 111 va invita la o lansare de carte sub forma unui spectacol multisenzorial.
„Sărutul” este un album experimental de fotografie accesibil si nevazatorilor, dar mai ales o poveste de dragoste creata din imagini si atingeri. Invitati muzicali PC Harem & LaCrima djs.
Fotografia a murit iar tu faci dragoste cu fantoma ei.

Apollo111 Teatrul Invites you to a ghostly PhotoBook launch.
Join us for an entertaining evening with Bucharest based artist Mihai Barabancea & The Dream Team behind the multisensory project “Sarutul” published by ActiveWatch.
Musical Acts are to be expected from PC Harem and LaCrima.
You know the drill:

Books are ready to be burned.
After Party
Free entry
Unconditional love.

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/209491264

Scrolll down if you’re craving for more English*


From the beginning I’ve been taught that photography is the domain of vision. You don’t need to have talent, a high IQ, art knowledge or a fat bank account but to understand photography you must have vision. That’s the one minimal requirement. If you fail to fulfill it, you are disqualified from the start.
Operating under this assumption for many years as a con-artist, I finally came to question it. As I realized that my eyes have been blocking my understanding and general cultural preconceptions have been restricting my perceptions. This is the type of erotic self-asphyxiation everybody has been enjoying…

We all have complex crossings of all senses. We see, smell and taste those nachos and burritos. We see, hear, smell (and touch if you’re lucky) that beautiful woman in the street. So why not apply the same to photography?

But wait, wait wait for it …there is more .

We created a book that is addressed to those able to see and also accessible to those who are visually impaired, pushing boundaries in order to better understand visual arts.

Drifting and Drowning blindly into this love story..

We need to talk about passion and aggression that can easily swap shapes and mold into one another. We are strangers trapped as liquids in a lava lamp. We collide and we pass each other. Love fades away and it’s actions are continuously ghosting throughout the sequencing of the images like they were encrypted in our code.

Submersed in amniotic black the enigmatic photos have tactile structures that you can explore with your hands. Braille is layered on top of the image, similar to a data cloud. The visually challenged persons searching for these words are assembling photos like in a holographic puzzle. The mental image perceived is an interaction between the person’s tactile sensation of the real image and his or her imagination of what it could be.
Cascading possibilities arise…

When you use the brain’s cognitive functions like memory, imagination and emotion you don’t need eyes . You won’t tell the difference between those with sight and the blind. We are equals here. This is the bridge between us. Cross it and meet me there, as it burns down behind, close your eyes and feel this: “The Kiss/ Sarutul”.

Photography: Mihai Barabancea

Tactile Graphics: Cristiana Costin

Essay: Jonathan Lahey Dronsfield

Book design & Cover Design: Paul Dersidan

Photo Retouching: George Mocanu

Braille: Iulian Lesneanu, Claudiu Constantin

Counselor: Monica Stan

Cyber: Tessellat

PrePress: Square Media

Editor: ActiveWatch

Music: PC Harem

Music: LaCrima

Vj ing Dan Basu

Partners: AFCN, ANVR, ActiveWatch


Apollo111 Teatrul
Ion Brezoianu 23-25
Bucuresti, Romania
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0726 185 812