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We asked two questions, 11 writers answered at the International Literature Festival in Timisoara

At the International Literature Festival in Timisoara (22nd - 24th of October), we had the opportunity to meet twelve great writers: Paul Bailey (Great Britain), Florin Lăzărescu (Romania), László Krasznahorkai (Hungary), Radu Pavel Gheo (Romania), Daša Drndić (Croatia), Filip Florian (Romania), Noémi Kiss (Hungary), Ornela Vorpsi (Albany, France), Jean Mattern (France), Bogdan Munteanu (Romania), Cătălin Dorian Florescu (Switzerland), Mircea Mihăieș (Romania). Because we couldn't interview all of them (even if we would have loved that), we started a kind of questionnaire, asking each author (except Mircea Mihăieș, whom we didn't manage to catch after the first event) these two questions: „How important is it for you to meet with other writers, either in a formal context, like this, at a festival, or in privat? Does it help you somehow in your creative process?”. So I invite you to read their wonderful and very different answers in the following rows.  Citeşte tot articolul