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Interview with the Colombian writer Juan Gabriel Vásquez: “Writing novels gives you the freedom to be somebody else”

The Colombian writer Juan Gabriel Vásquez, best known for the novel The Sound of Things Falling (originally published in 2011), recipient of the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award in 2014, was one of the guests of the seventh edition of the International Literature Festival in Timișoara (FILTM), Romania. He was interviewed by a high school student, Luca Dragu, during the festival (that took place between the 23rd and 27th of October), and, through the organizers of the festival, Bookaholic.ro is publishing that dialogue now. They talked about Colombia, travelling and living in other countries and how that influences the writing process, about real people who appear as characters in Vásquez's novels, about politics, drugs, and many other interesting subjects, which you can read below.  Citeşte tot articolul

Robert Simonišek: “I think all writing should be the expression of inner necessity and that poetry, essay, prose are just different forms to express essential things”

Robert Simonišek was born in 1977, in Slovenia. He is a writer, poet and art historian. He has been a tour guide for several years. After achieving PhD in Art History, he taught at University of Ljubljana. At the end of October, he was invited at the 6th edition of the International Festival of Literature in Timișoara. Citeşte tot articolul

Interview with Gheorghi Gospodinov: „I think the writer should be on the streets”

Gheorghi Gospodinov is one of the best known and most translated Bulgarian writers after 1989. He published four books of poetry, a volume of short stories (And Other Stories, 2001), two plays - D.J. (Don Juan's initials, 2004) and The Apocalypse Comes at 6 pm (2010, the American premiere was in 2014), but he also wrote scripts for short films (the most recent film is Omelette; mention at Sundance Film Festival, 2009) and he created a graphic novel, The Eternal Fly (2010, together with the artist N. Toromanov). Citeşte tot articolul

interviu cu dasa drndic

Interview with Daša Drndić: „Masochism can also be entertaining”

Daša Drndić is a very well-known and appreciated Croatian novelist, playwright and literary critic, among other occupations, born in Zagreb in 1946. She studied Philology at Belgrade, then she spent some years teaching in Canada and gained an MA in Theater and Communication as part of the Fulbright Programme. She's a member of the Croatian Writers Society and PEN Croatia and, in the present, she lives in Rijeka, Croatia. Her books - I mention just a few: The Road to Saturday (1982), Leica format (2003), A Feminist Manuscript or a Political Parable: The Plays of Lillian Hellman (2006), Sonnenschein, (2007), April in Berlin (2009) - have been translated in ten languages - English, French, Polish, Hungarian, Slovene, Dutch, Italian, Slovak, Finnish and Macedonian. I hope that we'll enjoy soon enough a Romanian translation. Citeşte tot articolul