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Book, o sofa pe gustul cititorilor

Firma italiană Prospettiva Design a făcut o surpriză plăcută tuturor cititorilor pasionaţi, realizând un obiect de mobilier ce sigur va fi pe gustul lor. Este vorba despre o sofa numită Book – cum altfel? –, un cuvânt simplu, dar atât de frumos, şi care înseamnă enorm pentru toţi pasionaţii de literatură. Sofaua nu arată precum o carte deschisă, dacă asta v-aţi imaginat, ci chiar ca reprezentarea scrisă a numelui său. Citeşte tot articolul

“The Telling Room” by Michael Paterniti, reviewed by John Freeman

This book could make you fat. It is a tale about cheese and will make you hungry for cheese. But, it is also about pleasure and the past. In the figure of Ambrosio Molinos de Las Heras, the wine-savoring master Castilian cheese maker at the heart of it, Michael Paterniti has found a man whose life story is a lesson in the dangers of combining these two things. Citeşte tot articolul

Parinoush Saniee (interview) – “I wanted to introduce a generation of Iranian women with all the difficulties they encounter”

Reading My Shares, I always wondered how is the female author who wrote it. How does Parinoush Saniee live in Iran? How was she able to publish such a book? How did she manage to write such a complex story, on so many levels, which reflects perfectly an epoque from the woman's perspective, one human being that, as we well know, doesn't have a very happy fate in Iran?

So I took her an interview in which I asked her many things about women, Iran, rights, about politics, society, but especially about literature. Citeşte tot articolul