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Interviu cu Immanuel Mifsud

Interview with Immanuel Mifsud: „I’m always embarrassed to say how I became a writer”

Immanuel Mifsud is a very well-known Maltese writer. Moreover, he is considered to be the leading writer of the Maltese Generation-X. He started to write when he was sixteen, both prose and poetry. Some of his works have been translated and published in a number of European countries and USA. He also worked with experimental theatre groups, directing his own plays and later works by Chekhov, Dario Fo, Max Frisch, Federico Garcia Lorca, Harold Pinter, etc.  Citeşte tot articolul

“It’s much easier to make a woman scandalous, still to this day” – interview with Sarah Dunant

Sarah Dunant – with whom we met during the International Literature Festival in Bucharest (December 2013) – is one of the most famous British writers and, even though she started as a crime fiction author, she became interested in historical fiction and her most recent novel, Blood and Beauty (2013; translated in Romanian by Carmen Săndulescu, at Humanitas Fiction Publishing House) explores the Renaissance and the scandal surrounding the Borgias, from a new perspective, trying to rehabilitate the image of women as conveyed by history. During the interview, we spoke about her interest in history, about the light and darkness of Renaissance and about history from a feminine/feminist perspective, without anger or the tendency of victimization. Citeşte tot articolul

“Writing is in my genes”. Interview with Zeruya SHALEV

Alongside Amos Oz, Zeruya Shalev is the most well known Israeli writer, whose books, such as Love Life, Husband and Wife, Thera, The Remains of Love, are bestsellers all around the world. We met her at the International Literature Festival in Bucharest 2013, and we talked about what influenced her as a writer, how it is to live in a Jerusalem, and what made her speak, in her latest book, The Remains of Love, about the relationship between parents and children. Citeşte tot articolul

„It becomes harder to make jokes about political injustice”. Interview with Jonathan Coe

The first night of the International Literature Festival in Bucharest (5-8 December 2012) was dedicated to Will Self and Jonathan Coe, who made quite an impression. While Will Self was very flamboyant and colourful, Jonathan Coe displayed a somewhat cold, elegant, but witty attitude. Jonathan Coe is best known for novels such as What a Carve Up!, The House of Sleep or The Rain before it Falls. He is also passionate about music and explains why it is important for a writer to get his inspiration from the reality surrounding him. Citeşte tot articolul